Exam Preparation Resources

Exams start May 8, and while you’re getting into your outlining, what else might you be doing to prepare?

One of the most helpful ways to synthesize course material and get a feel for what your professors may throw your way is to look at old exams. The library provides access to an exam database that you can use by logging in with your JMLS user name and password. If your professors’ exams aren’t in the database, exams on the same subject from other professors may be useful – and it never hurts to check with your professors for practice exams that they might not have provided to the library.

Additionally, the Academic Success collection on the 6th floor of the library contains a number of materials like Examples & Explanations and Q&As that offer practice essay and multiple choice questions that can help you anticipate what sorts of questions you might see on your exams.

Finally, CALI Lessons can be a great way to brush up on concepts that are still unclear to you. If you need a CALI registration code, you can get one at the reference desk.

If you have any questions feel free to visit the reference desk on the 6th floor or email Philip Johnson at pjohnso@jmls.edu.

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